4 iPhone 8 Rumors We Kind of Hope are True

4 iPhone 8 Rumors We Kind of Hope are True

Big deal alert: This fall marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. (Flash back to when we were all: “Come on, Apple, our oversize thumbs will never be able to speedily work a touchscreen.”) The tech giant typically waits until September to unveil its newest smartphone, but rumors are already swirling about all the bells and whistles you can expect.

It Might Not Be Called the iphone 8

In general, Apple has followed a system with the release of each new (and totally upgraded) phone. You know the drill: iPhone 5, then the 5S, iPhone 6, then the 6S…and so on. Well, the tenth anniversary may have thrown a wrench into things, causing Apple to totally skip the arrival of the 7S and go straight to the iPhone 8. But they might make it fancier still by calling it something else entirely, like the iPhone X. (Kinda makes sense given the ten-year anni.)

It Might Not have Any Buttons

Just when you were getting used to the new touch-sensitive home button, there’s a chance Apple could eliminate it altogether, extending the screen so that it covers the whole front side of the phone. But how will you unlock your phone? Apple may resort to a new level of security: facial recognition (aka your phone knows what you look like and will turn on automatically).

But It Could have an All-Glass Design

In addition to the glass front, the chances are good that Apple could make the back of your iPhone all-glass, too. Supposedly, if this happens, they’re making tweaks so it’s at least a little bit more shatterproof. (We hope.)

It might be Equipped with Wireless Charging

Rumor has it that Apple has been experimenting with solutions for this for quite some time. RIP cords. (Except not: We hate cords.)