5 Things Cool Women Never Post to Instagram

5 Things Cool Women Never Post to Instagram

You’ve scrolled through her profile more than you care to admit, you know her boyfriend’s name and you even noticed when she changed her Instagram bio. It’s not that you’re a creepy stalker…it’s just that she’s so damn cool. Here, five things the ultimate cool girl would never post.

1. A Million Hashtags
Sure, it may help garner a few more likes on her photo. But it’s not worth all that clutter. She knows each shot will garner interest on its own, so she sticks one or two tags at the end of each caption and is done with it.

2. Screenshots
It’s not that the texting convo between you and your mom isn’t hysterical. It’s just that a cool girl’s Instagram is a sacred place—one for original and breathtaking content, not discussion of autocorrect. Send screenshots via text instead, where they’ll be better appreciated anyway.

3. Low-Res Photos
Blurry images, dim lighting, specks on the camera lens…these are the cardinal sins of social media.

4. Anything TMI
A pic of her shirtless hubby in bed? A shot of the scale to prove her five-pound weight-loss? We think not. A cool girl is sparing and discreet with her private life, and always remembers that less is more.

5. Anything where you can see her dirty clothes/dishes/unmade bed in the background
It’s not that she doesn’t have a sink full of dishes. It’s that she crops it out the picture, dammit.