6 Apps That Make It Easier to Get News Easily

6 Apps That Make It Easier to Get News Easily

You’re busy. And smart. All you want is a way to quickly (and reliably) find out the latest headlines and real news. Cue our favorite words ever: There’s an app for that. Here, six downloadable news sources to help you find out everything that’s going on in the world, simply by turning on your phone.

1. New York Times
We know: duh. But there’s a reason it’s been at the forefront of esteemed reporting for over 150 years. For a nominal subscription fee ($15/month), you’ll get unlimited digital access to all the headlines, not to mention a daily tip sheet compiled by Times reporters and push notifications for any major breaking news stories.

2. NPR News
This free app offers audio newscasts on the hour, plus seamless access to all of NPR’s regularly scheduled programming—from “Morning Edition” to “Fresh Air.” There’s even a playlist feature so you can cherry-pick which newscasts you want to listen to and plow through at your own speed.

3. AP News
With this free app, you can tailor news alerts to your interests (say, entertainment or politics) so you’ll have a curated feed of relevant stories written by credible AP reporters right when you open it up. You can also subscribe to customized push notifications to get alerts before the rest of the world finds out.

4. BBC News
All hail an international perspective. This free app provides breaking news and headlines from a global network of journalists on topics ranging from business and technology to entertainment and health. It also gives you access to the BBC’s World Service Radio for 24/7 news reports you can listen to in the background. (Doesn’t the news sound less scary in a soothing British accent?)

5. Quartz
This free app delivers news in the form of a text message conversation (yup!) so that wherever you are, you can get a conversational and speedy rundown of the day’s top stories—complete with photos, gifs and links. The best part is that it’s written by real journos—not a news bot.

6. The Skimm
Yes, the idea of “news for ladies” is vaguely insulting, but this daily email of major headlines explained for the layperson is useful, especially if you’re looking to keep up but can’t handle a more traditional news outlet. The reporting is credible (it uses The New York Times, NBC News AND CNN), and a subscription for the year is just $30.