Everything You Need to Know About iOS 10

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 10

Prepare thine iPhones: The long-awaited iOS 10 software update is officially here. (FYI, it was reported to be a little bit glitchy at first, but Apple promises they’ve worked out all the kinks.) Here, all the super-cool features you need to know.

1. You can now pick up your phone to wake it up. Like magic.

2. And you no longer have to slide to unlock. Yep, just press the home button and voilà! Your phone is ready to use.

3. You do have to slide right to access the camera. It’s one of our favorite tweaks—instead of sliding up to quickly open the camera from the lock screen, just slide right to snap a pic (or shoot a video).

4. And slide left to pull up calendar alerts or breaking news. From celeb gossip to politics, it’s all there.

5. You can reply to text messages directly from the lock screen. When one pops up, use your phone’s 3-D touch capabilities (available for 6S users and higher) to reply without leaving the lock screen.

6. And handwrite texts and send illustrated selfies via iMessage. Tap the camera or heart icons to get to work.

7. There are 72 brand-new emojis available for texting. Including the lady getting her head massaged. And more family diversity.

8. And you can easily use them in conversation thanks to Emoji Tap. Say you’re suggesting pizza for dinner. Instead of endlessly scrolling for the appropriate emoji, type the word, double tap it once and hit Replace. The pizza emoji will automatically appear and replace the word.

9. Visual voicemail transcriptions are officially available. Just tap your voicemail tab and your BFF’s rambling message (ums included) will appear in text form beneath the audio.

10. You can receive alerts if eek!—water is detected inside your phone. The iPhone 7 may be water-resistant, but other iPhones (like the 5S or 6) are not. The new iOS will notify if it senses liquid in your phone—and provide brief instructions on how to handle. (Hint: Switch your device off.)