Netflix Is Increasing Its Most Popular Subscription Plans

Netflix Is Increasing Its Most Popular Subscription Plans

Excited for season two of Stranger Things to drop on October 27? Ditto, but similar to driving into New York City, you’ll need to refill your E-ZPass and pay the increased toll fare if you want to venture to the Upside Down.

Earlier today, Netflix announced a price increase on standard and premium streaming packages starting Thursday for new subscribers and as early as November 19 for existing customers.

Here’s the scoop: New users will face a $10.99 monthly subscription fee, as opposed to the usual $9.99 rate. Standard subscribers currently paying $9.99 per month will soon pay $10.99 per month, and premium subscribers paying $11.99 per month will soon pay $13.99 per month. The basic plan will not see a price increase and will retain the same monthly rate of $7.99.

There is a light at the end of the Holland Tunnel. Current subscribers won’t see the price hike for several weeks, and Netflix will alert existing customers before implementing the increase. Netflix tweeted, “Everyone will get an email on or after October 19, 30 days before their first billing cycle on the new price.”

Still worth it.