The Only 5 Apps You Need on Your Phone This Summer

The Only 5 Apps You Need on Your Phone This Summer

Your summer smartphone mantra: Less apps, more pics. Here, five downloads that are must-haves for the beach and beyond.


So you have a black thumb. Use this app ($3) to snap a photo of every single plant in your summer garden to receive care instructions and activate reminders for when to water, prune, fertilize and more.

A Colour Story

’Tis the season for colorful popsicles, pool floats and more. This photo-editing app (free) kicks things up a notch with filters that specifically enhance vibrant hues and bright, beachy whites.

Serial Box

Sure, you’ve got a list of juicy beach reads ready to plow through, but this app offers an audio alternative: Serialized fiction that’s released in 40-minute episodes week after week. Here’s how it works: Subscribe to a serial that piques your interest (like the one about spies and sorcerers in 1970s Prague), then tune in as it plays out over the course of 10 to 16 weeks.

Dark Sky

As the song goes, You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather. Sorry, Outkast, but with this ultra-reliable weather app ($4)—which provides sprinkle predictions down to the minute—you actually can.

Ice Cream Please

The next time you’re craving vanilla soft serve with sprinkles, tap the “ice cream please” button and this app will ping the nearest ice-cream truck to come to you. (You can even watch it approach in real time, Uber-style, on a map.) Or you can set it up to alert you anytime an ice-cream truck is nearby for the ultimate lazy summer day.