Whoa, There’s an App That Contests Traffic Tickets for You

Whoa, There’s an App That Contests Traffic Tickets for You

You were definitely going the speed limit…until a cop pulled you over and pointed out a new School Zone sign conveniently located behind a bush.

Usually, you’d have two choices: insurance hikes and a fine, or mountains of paperwork and a long day in traffic court. But because the internet is amazing and you can now outsource absolutely everything, there’s a way to contest your traffic tickets through an app, without ever setting foot in a courthouse.

This glorious app is called Off the Record, and it can help you contest a ticket remotely in most U.S. states. Just download the app, take a photo of your ticket and answer a couple of questions about your location and the incident, then you’ll get matched to an experienced lawyer who will contact you within 24 hours. You can then check the status of your case, ask questions and pay online.

Yep, if you end up getting your ticket reduced or dismissed, you’ll have to pay a fee. But hey, it’s a small price to pay for not having to show up in court. And in most instances, you’ll get a full refund if the lawyers aren’t able to help you win your case.

Awesome. Now where’s the app that waits in line for us at the post office?